SPIN-255 Phantom Dame


Phantom Dame has been tracking who’s behind illegal gun shipments. She suspects Councilman Drake, but what she doesn’t realize is he’s the head of the mafia. She poses as a secretary and manages to get herself hired as his assistant. Along with being a trained, skilled fighter, she utilizes a special bracelet for temporary invisibility. On her first day with Drake, she steals away, becomes invisible, and witnesses a conversation between Drake and his 1 and 2 in command who are discussing the recently messed up gun shipments. They discuss a meeting location, so she plans to show up and engage everyone. Everything goes as planned and she dominates for a time, but Violet is just clever enough to get a hold of Phantom Dame’s bracelet. Once this happens, Phantom Dame is now faced with a 3 on 1 with no power. Find out what the head of the mafia does when an outsider messes with his business – a very powerless and gorgeous outsider…


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